Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup for iOS is available with source code

The iOS version is almost complete( 95% I guess ). It’s fully playable without problems. Basically it is based on the Android
tile version. And I added some iOS stuff to it, such as:

1. Simulate ENTER, ESC, right/left mouse click through tap gestures.
2. Control iOS system keyboard with gestures throught swipe gestures.
3. Zoom in/out with pinch gestures.
4. Game Center support. Currently supports high score and fastest wins leaderboards.
5. ReplayKit support. Record your gameplay right on your iPhone/iPad, with/without microphone.
6. Support iOS 7. Old devices such as iPhone 4 can play it smoothly.

I had a lot of fun when porting it. It’s a great game. Thanks to the development team.

Source code is uploaded to Github.
https://github.com/CliffsDover/crawl/tree/iOS_Release 😎

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  1. Alex See

    If someone was a total noob, and wanted to learn how to
    – compile this code
    – get the app playable on their device

    Is there a starting resource you would point them towards?

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